【Christmas Gifts】Clearance Ultralight Silicone Mermaid Merman Tail 4


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【Limited Availability: Only One Left!】

【Price Details】Tail Offer: $1830 for the Red Dragon Clearance Sample Silicone Tail Set
This exquisite set includes:
A meticulously crafted silicone tail,
An integrated monofin for effortless swimming,
A stylish silicone short jumpsuit,
A pair of elegant silicone bracelets,
A pair of chic silicone earrings,
A pair of sturdy shoulder protectors,
A selection of versatile silicone wigs,
A regal crown,
A charming necklace, as depicted in the picture.
Each item in this set is designed to enhance your mermaid experience with both comfort and style.

Worldwide Shipping: $150 (Note: This excludes remote island countries).
Total Price:  $1980 USD($1830+$150=$1980) ❤️

【Product Highlights】
The silicone tail has been water-tested once and remains in pristine condition.
All mentioned accessories are included as a complimentary bonus with the purchase of the silicone tail.

【Sizing Information】
Ideal for individuals with the following measurements:
Weight: 60kg-65kg
Height: 165-175cm (Individuals with a slender build up to 180cm can also fit comfortably).
The tail features a built-in monofin with a closed fluke, customizable to various foot sizes. Please provide your foot size to our customer service upon purchase for a perfectly sized monofin. Thank you so much ❤️

【Product Specifications】
1. Material: Made from ultra-light, eco-friendly, edible-grade silicone.
2. Weight: The total weight of the silicone fishtail is approximately 10-13kg, facilitating ease of swimming and transportation.
3. Design: Designed with computer precision, produced by advanced machinery for neat, symmetrical patterns.
High elasticity and durability, ideal for beginner mermaid/merman enthusiasts.

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