【IN STOCK】Clearance Ultralight Silicone Mermaid Merman Sample Tail 4


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The clearance silicone sample tail, including a matching silicone bra, is $794 USD.

The international delivery fee is $150 USD (remote island country addresses not included).

The total is $944 USD.


Suitable for customers within the following body size range:

Weight: 60kg-65kg

Height: 165-175cm (Customers with a slender physique can be as tall as 180cm)

【Product Status】

  1. Only used once for a photoshoot, essentially brand new.

  2. Open and large fluke, so you can use your own monofin inside the silicone tail.

  3. Silicone Material Information

    • Ultra-light and environmentally friendly edible silicone material.
    • The total weight of the silicone tail is about 7kg (much lighter than an ordinary handmade silicone tail, which is at least 10kg), making it easy to swim and carry.
    • The design is created by the computer and produced by a large machine as a whole piece. The pattern is neat and symmetrical, with high elasticity, and is not easy to break. A small amount of silicone overflow on the tail is normal.
    • It is suitable for beginner mermaid/merman enthusiasts.

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