【Christmas Gifts】Clearance Ultralight Silicone Mermaid Merman Tail New style Custom Size 2


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This style is an open and big fluke, so you can use your own any monofin inside of the silicone tail
【Gift Products】
1. Complimentary gift of one pair of pectoral fins or one pair of dorsal fins valued at $79 (Customer can inform customer service whether to choose pectoral or dorsal fins).
2. Complimentary gift of one pair of random-shaped ankle fins valued at $79.
3. Complimentary silicone monofin in the same color as the silicone tail, independently adjustable in size (Valid until October 31, 2023).
*Clearance silicone tail for $731 dollars each
*Delivery fee is $160 dollars(Excluding remote islands, most of the countries we send duty-free express, a few countries can only send FedEx with the potential for import taxes upon delivery.)
Total price is $731+$160=$891 dollars❤️
【Delivery time】5-14 working days shipping globally
【Production time】about 1-2 months working days
【Custom size】 Please measure your size then we can custom the size for you ❤️
1. Waist Circumference (Belly Button Circle)
2. Hip Circumference
3. Thigh Circumference
4. Knee Circumference
5. Calf Circumference
6. Ankle Circumference
7. Leg length
8. Feet  length
9. Height
10. Weight
After completing the order, please contact our customer service or leave an order note when you check out on our website to provide your body measurements. Thank you so much❤️
【Product information】
Silicone material information Ultra-light and environmentally friendly edible silicone material, the total weight of the entire silicone fishtail is about 7kg (Far lighter than an ordinary handmade silicone tail of at least 10kg), making it easy to swim and carry. The design drawing is made by computer, and then it is produced by a large machine to form a whole. The pattern is neat and symmetrical, with high elasticity, and is not easy to break. It is suitable for beginner mermaid/merman lovers.

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