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【Last Chance: Only One Remaining!】

【Special Clearance Offer】Get a silicone tail with a matching silicone bra for just $599 (excluding delivery fee).

【Location】The tail is currently in Sydney, Australia, ready for either pick-up or express shipping. The shipping cost will be determined based on your specific address.

Suitable for individuals weighing 60kg-65kg.
Ideal for heights between 165-175cm (perfectly adaptable for those with a slender build up to 180cm).

【Design Highlight】Features an open and large fluke, allowing for the use of any monofin you prefer.

【Order Completion】After placing your order, kindly contact our customer service with your delivery details. We will issue an invoice for the shipping fee based on your address. Please note, prompt payment of the delivery fee is essential to ensure the dispatch of your tail.

【Product Highlights】
This silicone tail has undergone a single water test and remains in impeccable condition.
As a special bonus, all listed accessories are included with the purchase of the silicone tail at no additional cost.

【Material Specifications】
Crafted from ultra-light, eco-friendly, and edible-grade silicone, the total weight of this complete silicone fishtail is approximately 7kg. This is significantly lighter compared to traditional handmade silicone tails, which weigh at least 10kg, enhancing ease of swimming and portability.
Design and Durability:

Utilizing advanced computer-aided design followed by precision machine manufacturing, this tail boasts a neat, symmetrical pattern with high elasticity, ensuring durability and resistance to damage.
Ideal for Enthusiasts:

Perfectly suited for beginner mermaids and mermen, this tail offers an ideal blend of lightweight design and aesthetic appeal, making it a fantastic choice for those new to the mermaid/merman experience.

Thank you so much for your interest ❤️. Don't miss this opportunity to own a unique piece at an incredible price!

@Mermaid Lucia

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