183 Dragon Tail Series Ultralight Silicone Mermaid Merman Tail 1


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【Production time】4-8 weeks

【Express time】5-10 working days
【Product information】
1. Silicone material information
Ultra-light and environmentally friendly edible silicone material, the total weight of the entire silicone fishtail is about 7kg (Far lighter than an ordinary handmade silicone tail of at least 10kg), making it easy to swim and carry.

The design drawing is made by computer, and then it is produced by a large machine to form a whole. The pattern is neat and symmetrical, with high elasticity, and is not easy to break.

It is suitable for beginner mermaid/merman lovers.

2.Mandatory costs of an ultra-light silicone tail

  • Basic silicone tail with 3D scales upgraded: $1879 ( This includes both the leg part and fluke part, all the fins, as well as the same scale effect as shown in the videos, not including fixed monofin), this long dragon tails use long fins inside and need to be prepared by the customer themselves.
  • Shipping worldwide: $70 (Excluding remote island countries)

3.Non-mandatory decoration costs of an ultra-light silicone tail

  • Add a lace fabric to a part: $79
  • Add a silicone bra without back fins (fits any chest size): $39
  • Add a silicone bra with back fins (fits any chest size): $59
  • Add a silicone one-piece jumpsuit top in the same color (custom size): $99
  • Add the glow-in-the-dark material to make a whole glowing silicone tail: $159

4. Because it is made of silicone material, it needs to be absolutely customized, so please contact our customer service to inform your figure numbers after placing an order, or our customer service will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your custom size. (Measure the numbers 1-16 on the chart above)

5. All non-mandatory decoration costs are not sold separately and must be purchased at the same time as the Basic silicone tail, if only non-mandatory decoration costs are ordered, the order will be canceled.



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