Waterproof LED For Mermaid Merman Tail DIY LED Tails Glow Luminous Sparkling Light Handmade Model Cosplay Display Toy Shining


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Color: Multi Color
Numbers of LEDs:

【Product information】

【Length】Each LED diameter 1.1cm * 2.7cm.

【Weight】About 3 grams to 5 grams each.

【Battery】There are button batteries inside of each LED, button battery can be replaced, so that this is not a one-time LED, using new button batteries in LED can light up to 4-72 hours.

【Waterproof】Unscrew the LED bead, take out the round baffle, tighten the bottom cap, cover with the transparent ring for waterproofing, and put the round baffle back into the LED to save battery power when not in use.

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