Fishbone Pattern 100% Silicone Colorful Mermaid Tail Monofin Patent-Protected


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Color: White

【Product Information】

1. This product is a recyclable environmentally friendly silicone material. 100% Recyclable silicone made into the unique monofin with the design patent.

2. This product is not suitable for deep diving, please make sure that the user is adult and familiar with swimming skills, and during the use, the user assumes all the responsibility for safety.

3. If your feet are wide or fat, please buy one size larger. No returns or exchanges for non-quality problems. If you want to change the size, the return postage will be borne by the purchaser. Better measure the length of your feet, then confirm the size to reduce the possibility of replacement.

If you want to change the size, the buyer can sell the original goods to friends around by herself/himself, the resale price is determined by the buyer, and there is no need to pay the delivery fee returned to the seller, and then the buyer could replace a new order from the official website or pay by PayPal). After the seller receives the payment, the new product will be sent to the buyer again, and the buyer does not need to pay other fees.

4. Under normal circumstances, there will be no tariffs and import taxes on parcels. But FedEx will be charged import taxes by some EU countries. So once there, we will not bear any tariffs or import taxes. Customers need to pay tariffs or import taxes by themselves.

5. Once the silicone monofins are used in the water, please be sure to store them in a flat place, where there is no sun, to prevent cracking and deformation. Please carry it as flat as possible.

【The inner length silicone monofin of size】

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