Mermaid Lucia: Redefining Expression Through Sustainable Mermaid Fashion

At Mermaid Lucia, we believe that fashion is more than just clothing—it's a form of self-expression. Established in 2019 by Lu Zhou, a visionary fashion entrepreneur, and innovator who holds a Master's degree in Arts with Distinction from the University of the Arts London · London College of Fashion, our UK-based brand is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of mermaid-inspired fashion. Our parent company, SEAWEED WONDERLAND LTD, reflects our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Innovative Creations, Sustainable Choices

Mermaid Lucia stands as a comprehensive professional mermaid brand that redefines the way we perceive fashion. We are at the forefront of combining high-tech advancements with sustainable materials to craft exquisite products that resonate with both our customers and the environment. Our journey began with a mission: to create a unique space where fashion, innovation, and sustainability intertwine seamlessly.

Awards and Recognitions

Our dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed. Mermaid Lucia and SEAWEED WONDERLAND LTD have been the recipients of several prestigious awards, underscoring our impact on the fashion and creative industries:

  • London Mayor Entrepreneur Competition: We achieved the semi-finalist position three times in the Creative Industries award and Smart Cities award categories, making our mark on the UK's entrepreneurial landscape.
  • Creative Enterprise Awards: Recognized as winners in the Social Enterprise category of the 2019 Creative Enterprise Awards hosted by the University of the Arts London.
  • Sustainable Innovation Award: Our presence was acknowledged through shortlisting at Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury: Kering x Plug and Play Sustainable Innovation Award 2019.
  • Global Showcasing: As an innovative exhibitor, we proudly participated in the Paris Premiere Vision Exhibition 2019 in France, demonstrating our commitment to global recognition.
  • Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE): We were selected into the prestigious CFE Coaching Program, London's pioneering fashion and fashion-tech business incubator, solidifying our position as industry pioneers.
  • Innovate UK Investment: Our dedication to creativity and innovation was rewarded with the Creative Industries Fund invested by Innovate UK in September 2021.Innovate UK is the investment arm of the UK government, representing national-level funding for innovation.)
Empowering Self-Expression
Costumes transcend mere clothing; they embody character, taste, and even psychological status. Our engagement with the cosplay community has revealed the challenges that many face due to financial constraints and societal judgments.

However, our vision transcends monetary barriers. We've witnessed exceptional individuals—male, oversized, disabled—embracing mermaid attire and expressing themselves fully. Through our online sales platform, we empower customers to access comprehensive information, request personalized designs, and seek advice from friends and family. By fostering communication within the cosplay community, we hope to boost encouragement and support, allowing cosplayers to shine without fear.

Mermaid Lucia: Diving into the Deep Ocean of Fashion with Expression, Sustainability, and Inclusion.