Super Long 3 Meters Dragon Tail Mermaid Merman Colour 2 Purple Green


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【Product Information】

This product is about 3 meters long, and custom size.

The pictures and videos show a fabric tail supported by fins.  

This product consists of a fabric tail and a support board, customers need to use themselves' fins with this tail too when using it underwater.

This product does not include a monofin/fins or any other swimwear (top or underwear) or any other swimming gear or decorations.

1. Produce and delivery time

  • Mermaid tail production time is 2-3 weeks after customer payment.
  • Delivery time: we will send out international express delivery within 3 days after production.
  • Express delivery time: we will choose from FedEx (3-5 days delivery) or YunExpress (7-15 days delivery) (except for special reasons for the epidemic) 

2. Matters needing attention

·       This mermaid fabric tail is a swimwear product, and it is for sensitive parts of the body, so once it is shipped, it cannot be returned or replaced.

·       Under normal circumstances, there will be no tariffs and import taxes on goods. Once there, we will not bear any tariffs or import taxes.

·       In order to ensure that your products can accurately reach your hands, please provide the real recipient's name, address, and contact information. We will not be responsible for the loss of items due to wrong or unknown recipients' information. 

We hope you will give us a favorable comment after receiving the goods. Thank you very much. More mermaid tails will update from this store and official social media.

3. Designer: NAMI


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