Swordfish Silicone Mermaid Merman Tail Monofin for Diving Swimming Cosplay


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Color: Purple

【Production time】4-8 weeks

【Express time】5-10 working days

【Product information】

This custom silicone tail for $2500 is including:

1. Shipping worldwide (Excluding remote island countries)
2. A free same-color silicone bra about $200(If merman customer, can change to a pair of same colour silicone wrist guard)
3. A free inside silicone monofin for about $300 (If want an open fluke silicone tail, can choose our LUCIA monofins to match the open fluke silicone tail)
4. Because it is made of silicone material, it needs to be absolutely customized, so please contact our customer service to inform your figure numbers after placing an order, or our customer service will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your custom size. (Measure the numbers 1-16 on the chart below)

We also can help you custom any other pattern/colors/size. Please feel free to send us any tail design pictures you like, if the tail design is not complicated, we can give an appropriate discount

We welcome designers with artistic talents to cooperate with us to jointly produce co-branded silicone tails or fabric tails for win-win cooperation.

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