Luminous Waterproof Amphibious Snake Tail for Diving Swimming Shooting


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【Special Remind】
1. This tail is hollow using ultralight technology materials that can be used underwater and on land, special biomimetic real snake joints design, there is a spring effect and this tail is just a special photographic prop.
2. For safety reasons, it is recommended that only experienced divers, accompanied by professional photographers and lifeguards, wear it in the water for a short time. Beginner swimmers and children should not wear it on their own.
3. This dragon snake tail is diving style and can be worn underwater with professional photographers & lifeguards and photographed on land.
4. Wearing this product may affect your ability to swim or dive safely. If using this product in water, users must be accompanied by someone qualified to provide life-saving assistance if required. We do not take any legal responsibility for accidents caused by the use of this product in water. It is the user's responsibility that the product is used in a safe manner and that appropriate safety precautions are in place when using this product.
5. This product does not include a monofin or any other swimwear (top or underwear) or any other swimming gear or decorations.

【Product Information】

1. This is a high-tech product, using our own developed optic fibre fabric. Through technical processing combined with electronic components, the colour can automatically be changed 7 colours by remote control. Beautiful, stylish, and high-end! It is suitable for swimming in, and can also be worn at parties, bars, and nightclubs, placing you at the centre of attention! It can also be used as a high-end gift for friends and loved ones.
2. This product is essentially different from ordinary luminous clothing made with luminous paint:
a. The materials and principles are different: this product is a kind of optic fibre fabric that does not contain any luminous paints.
b. Different lighting effects: glow more brightly in the dark and underwater.
3. Safety and environmental protection: This product uses optic fibre fabric which is non-toxic. The low electrical voltage and current are within safe limits and the battery used is a polymer lithium battery which is rechargeable and therefore more environmentally friendly. USB for unlimited rechargeable use.
4. This product is customized according to the customer's body shape. The customization time is 14 days, excluding the delivery time.
5. There are 6 colors or other custom colors to choose from, the length of the tail can be 3m/4m/5m/6m/7m/8m/9m/10m.
6. This tail is made of ultra-light materials, with a hollow inside, which will naturally inject water under the water to make it full and have some buoyancy underwater.
7. Diving snake tail has an innovative design IP certificate. We are the first brand in the world to invent this snake tail that can both dive and swim.



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