Guiyu Oneiros 100% Silicone Colorful Mermaid Merman Tail Monofin Fin Patent-Protected


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Color: White

【Design Inspiration】

The design of this new silicone monofin is inspired by Guiyu Oneiros, an extinct ancient fish and one of the earliest articulated bony fish discovered, dating back to the Early Devonian period, around 430 million years ago. The discovery of Guiyu Oneiros has been pivotal in understanding the evolution of early vertebrates, especially in studying the transition from jawless to jawed fish. Its fossil reveals characteristics typical of early fish, such as ossified skeletons, scaled bodies, and relatively simple fin structures, providing valuable insights into the evolution and diversity of early bony fish.

This silicone monofin design, a tribute to the beautiful appearance of the long-extinct Guiyu Oneiros, enhances underwater agility, allowing swimmers to move with the freedom and grace of a fish. It's a gift from nature's design, honoring our planet's past inhabitants. We share this Earth with a diverse range of beings, relying on the same air, water, and food, experiencing joys and sorrows together. Unfortunately, some species have vanished due to irresistible forces or human activities. By rediscovering and commemorating them, we aim to foster a greater appreciation for our shared home and its current and past residents.

Let's protect our environment and cherish endangered wildlife, filling our world with laughter and hope.

【Product Information】

1. The silicone monofin measures 80cm in width, 70cm in length, and weighs approximately 3.9kg.
2. Featuring an adjustable silicone strap, this monofin accommodates any adult foot up to 29 cm in length.
3. Made from 100% recyclable, eco-friendly silicone, this patented design monofin combines sustainability with innovation.
4. Suitable for surface swimming, it requires users to be adults with swimming proficiency. Users bear full responsibility for their safety during use.
5. Returns or exchanges for reasons other than quality are not accepted. Color changes incur return shipping costs by the buyer. To avoid exchanges, please confirm your color choice beforehand. Alternatively, buyers can resell the monofin to peers at their discretion, avoiding return shipping fees, and reorder via the official website or PayPal.
6. Normally, parcels incur no tariffs or import taxes. However, some shipments to some countries may be taxed, which the customer must cover.
7. After use, store the monofin flat in a cool, shaded area to prevent damage. Transport it flat whenever possible.
8. The Mermaid Lucia™ design patent ensures authenticity. Only monofins bearing the Mermaid Lucia logo are genuine; we do not support after-sales for counterfeit products.

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