New Material Diving Snake Tail 3 Meters Mermaid


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Color: Green

【Product Information】

Special remind

  • This tail is a special photographic prop. For safety reasons, it is recommended that only experienced divers, accompanied by professional photographers and lifeguards, wear it in the water for a short time. Beginner swimmers and children should not wear it on their own. 
  • This dragon snake tail is diving style and can be worn underwater with professional photographers & lifeguards and photographed on land.
  • This product is not intended as a swimming or diving costume. Wearing this product may affect your ability to swim or dive safely. If using this product in water, users must be accompanied by someone qualified to provide life-saving assistance if required. We do not take any legal responsibility for accidents caused by the use of this product in water. It is the user's responsibility that the product is used in a safe manner and that appropriate safety precautions are in place when using this product.
  • This product does not include a monofin or any other swimwear (top or underwear) or any other swimming gear or decorations.

 1. This product is customized according to the customer's body shape. The customization time is 14 days, excluding the delivery time.

2.There are four colors to choose from, the length can be 3 meters.

3. This tail is made of fabric, with a hollow inside, which will naturally inject water under the water to make it full.

4. Diving snake tail is designed by the director of that snake movie, has the innovation patent, using a new ultra-light material, buoyant underwater, and hollow inside. We are the first brand in the world to invent this snake tail that can dive and swim.

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